C. Zablockis

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Title: Lexi Greene's Dangerous Lesson
Series: Zeuorian Short Stories #1
Print Length: 10 pages
Publisher: CZ Publishing, LLC
Est. Pub Date: March 2016
eISBN: 9781311714039

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Lexi never understood why her parents kept her hidden from the world, why they wouldn’t let her have friends. Her mom said it had to do with being special. But what was so special about being able to read others’ minds, and receive premonitions? It was a parlor trick, and not that uncommon for someone to possess, from what Lexi read on the Internet. Actually, it was cool when she thought about it. It didn’t make sense to keep such gifts hidden from everyone—well, it didn’t until the day she went to the grocery store with her mom . . .

A thrilling short story about a young girl gifted with paranormal abilities that is being stalked by a man eager to kill her. It’s a prequel to My Watcher (The Zeuorian Series).