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My Watcher is the extended version of The Zeuorian Awakening.

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Title: My Watcher
Series: Book The Zeuorian Series
Print Length: 280 pages
Publisher: CZ Publishing, LLC
Est. Pub Date: March 2016
eISBN: 9781310947773

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For the past two years Lexi avoided everyone at her high school so no one would discover she could read minds and sense danger. She didn't want another psycho trying to kill her, because they got it in their head she was a monster. But all that changed on her 17th birthday when she transformed into a total hottie and started developing powers beyond her control.

If that isn’t bad enough, a stranger is following her. She doesn't know who he is or what he wants, yet he knows all about her abilities and that she’s developing more. And . . . he’s her only hope of understanding why she’s changing and others are after her.

One problem, he could be anyone at her school. With her new appearance, it'll be a miracle to weed him out amongst her admirers. But sometimes the truth is worth risking everything to uncover--even your life.

"My Watcher (extended version of Awakening) is a suspenseful, thrilling, fast pace, dark fantasy (paranormal) mystery that will take you on a ride. When you think you know who is her Watcher, the author throws you a curve ball. For you romance fanatics, there is a little bit of that in the story too."